Until you are not
making headlines,
you are not in business.

We believe in creating powerful stories, help a brand stand out.
Creating a big impact with conversation for social good, brand awareness, business growth and innovative consumer solutions.
We work towards changing the way people think, feel and act. We’re an insight-driven digital creative agency built by industry specialists. It’s the collective impact of our team that makes us Boom!

We Only Succeed
If You Do Well

Every brand has something extraordinary at its core. We start by looking inside a client’s business and understanding the various challenges and opportunities, in relation to the market realities and consumer needs and insights. We then work around creating and sharing impactful brand stories for consumers. In our everyday work, we stay focused on creating the BIG impact on different media platforms while delivering measurable results for our clients.

We are here to
make the impact
of ‘Big agency’.

Being a fully independent agency simply means that we have no hidden agendas, no pressure on profits – just a 100% focus on what works best for our client’s budget. Boom Africa brings together a handpicked team of experienced professionals from different global advertising networks that have handled hundreds of clients across different industries.

To offer more value to our clients, we also have specialist partners, both locally and globally, who work to ensure every client brief can get the best that’s out there – from research and ideation to production and media. As an agency, we are made up of bright, young and highly passionate professionals who believe in changing the advertising landscape and delivering on our ‘Big Agency’ promise, while also maintaining the flexibility and commitment of a small team that values every shilling of the client’s budget.  

BOOM Africa brings together award-winning professionals who have created work that’s been recognized, celebrated and rewarded both at home and at many international platforms.

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I’m Rishi

Having spent 25 years in the creative business and having worked with some of the top creative and experiential agencies around the world, today I am as hungry and as curious as I was on day one of my career. I largely identify myself as an ideas-led creative who is passionate about delivering the exceptional answer to any brief. What I bring to the table is multiple years of experience combined with a passion for finding unique insights, writing winning creative and brand strategies and providing smart solutions to any business problem.

Hey, it's me… Tony

People call me the father of stand-up comedy in Kenya. As a veteran comedian and an entertainer, at an early age, I learned the value of working with rich, local and cultural insights to connect with my audiences. When I brought this learning to advertising, it helped me bridge the gap between brands and consumers. Today, with over 28 years of communication experience, I am proud to have created some of the most successful and memorable advertising campaigns in Kenya. I like to see myself as a customer-centred thinker not only at a creative level but also at a strategic level. Have me on your team and together we can win the hearts of your customers.

Hello, I’m Jennifer.

I am a curious mind and a successful professional with a wealth of transferable skills gained in telecom, the hospitality industry and the consultancy sector.  As an advertising professional, I like to combine my rigour & curiosity with creativity to get to the truths about people, culture, and behaviour. Being an Account Manager with BOOM, I am also a brand custodian for many of our agency’s clients and I strive toward nurturing and building brands with a focus on consistency in messaging and visual identity.

I’m Cess.

As a new-age graphic and web designer, I am always excited to work with technology and innovate to deliver high-quality user experiences. I have extensive experience designing for the digital-first medium and working on projects that involve engagement, interaction, wearable, Artificial Intelligence and e-commerce. I’m an optimist who strives for making an impact through my creative ideas.

Hi, I’m Danish.

I’m a successful salesman trapped in the body of an advertising writer. No wonder, with every piece of communication I create, I like to see myself as a salesman, going out there and knocking on every customer’s door. From leading pharmaceutical companies to financial services and from tourism to telecom, in my 14 years of advertising career, I have created hundreds of successful and award-winning campaigns for both local and international clients, with measurable results. As a seasoned and results-oriented creative, I will make your business stand out by understanding your needs, keeping an eye on your competitors and finding the right pitch for your customers. Partner with BOOM and I will strive to be your favourite salesperson of the year.

Unless you make alarm
clocks or an interesting
promo offer.

Your target audience did not wake up this morning thinking about you or the wonderful things you make, sell or do. Instead, they’re thinking about the wonderful things they could make, sell or do. Let’s change this with BOOM! 

Contact us: boom@boom-africa.com
Call us: +254 702314140 | +254 20 514 8128 
Meet us: 15, 2nd Floor, Crawford Business Park, Statehouse Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Looking to collaborate? We are always on the lookout for talented and like-minded professionals who have the passion and the fuel to go out and create that BOOM. Send your resume to Boom@boom-africa.com for opportunities in Creative and Strategy.