It's Time To


There is global consensus on uncomplicated UTI management.



The One-tibiotic.

noun [wuhn-ti-bahy-ot-ik]

The science of complete UTI treatment in just one Fosfomax dose.

Easy as one sachet.

Orange flavoured. Dilute in Water.


Today for your uncomplicated UTI patients

FOSFOMAX exhibits superior efficiency aganist ESBL E.coli with upto 99% susceptibility.

FOSFOMAX offers quick onset action: a quick dose of 3gm of fosfomycin trometamol achieves a very high concentration of urine of 26.1ug/ml in 24 hours.

FOSFOMAX has low levels of cross resistance unlike other antibiotics.

FOSFOMAX is safe in pregnancy and is well tolorated with minimal side effect profile.

With FOSFOMAX you have a medication that is dedicated only to UTI management.

FOSFOMAX offers 100% compliance with one dose requirement.

Have you noticed

Resistance rate of E.Coli to frequently used antibiotics is on the rise?

3 out of 10 of your patients may suffer painful recurrent utis with cefuroxim and quinolones such as ciprofloxacin due to E.Coli resistance.

Antibiotic resistance in Africa: a pandemic that is already here.

Drug resistance pathogens and poor hygiene mean community-acquired infections can deteriorate into lengthy and costly infections.

In Kenya ~ 3 out of 10 will recur due to increasing E.Coli  resistance 

87% of Patients will fail to complete today’s treatment options.

Your choice of antibiotic should present the best chances of completion with no worries about side effects and dosing complexity.

Fear of side effects                                                                61%

Today’s demands – too busy in study or work    54%

Improvement in symptoms                                               42%

Complexity of the treatment                                           41%

Low regard of the disease                                                39%